Deliberate Practice Clinic | The Clock Choke


September 30th, 2017 (5 total spots available) | Time: from 10:00am to 6:00pm

“Who Else Wants A Semi-Private Lesson On The The Clock Choke With A BJJ Black Belt And An Olympian For Just Pennies On The Dollar?”
(There Are Only 4 More Spots Available)

Quite Honestly…..It’d Better To Shoot Yourself In The Foot
Than Pass Up On This Training Opportunity

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ATTENTION: IF YOU DO JUDO OR BJJ MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN TAMPA ON September 30th 10:00am – 6:00pm FOR Dr. Rhadi Ferguson’s Deliberate Practice Seminar On The Clock Choke (The Okuri Eri Jime System)


WARNING: After Leaving This Seminar You Should Be Required To Carry A Concealed Weapon Permit. Your Ground Game Will Be VICIOUS!!

Greetings: For those of you who do not know me I am Dr. Rhadi Ferguson. I am a 2004 Olympian in the sport of Judo, a 4x National Judo Champion, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Judo, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ, and a world class instructor and coach. Most recently I was chosen by UFC Fit Magazine as one of the top 100 Mixed Martial Arts Coaches in the World. But I am not here to talk about me. I’m here to talk about you.

It has been said in the area of martial arts that you should not fear the person who knows 10,000 techniques, but you should most definitely fear the person who has practiced 1 technique, 10,000 times.

As an Olympian, a World Class Coach and a former college professor, I believe in utilizing the practice method which I have used to coach world class athletes and the one that has been researched, proven to work and shown to produce results. It is a method that very few instructors utilize due to the following reasons:

1. They don’t know this secret method
2. They do NOT have the time to implement it
3. Their students or clients will not demonstrate the patience to learn the secret and accept it even if they do know it.

This secret method to teaching and educating for tremendous results is called the Deliberate Practice Teaching Method. I have been utilizing this method for the past 6 years with more than my fair share of success as a coach. I have studied and trained in this method and during my Ph.D. studies I even chose the discipline of Professional Studies to hone in on the necessary keys of being a professional in various disciplines and aspects of life.

From 2005 to 2017 I have coached World Champions in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Olympians in Judo, and World Class Mixed Martial Arts Fighters and it’s not because I’m a great coach, it’s because I cracked the code on learning to the point where I can virtually take the information in my head and pump it into my clients like I’m downloaded a program on a computer.

The methods that I employ are so effective that people have accused me of taking shortcuts, using tactics, teaching tricks and all kind of things because they do NOT understand that you CANNOT cut corners but you CAN shorten the process by lengthening the practice time IF AND ONLY IF THE PRACTICE TIME IS USED CORRECTLY AND APPROPRIATELY!!

Right now for literally, pennies on the dollar, I am willing to share with you this method which has produced champions time and time again.

JUST THINK, if I could fast forward you in a race by 30 days, would you take it?

If I could make you 30 days smarter, more intelligent, more technical… would you take it?

Of course you would.

Well, in 8 hours, on September 30th, I will increase your learning curve by a 30 days. That’s right. By 30 days in 8 hours.

Dr. Ferguson, How Can You Do That?

See, most of you practice, at most, 2 hours a week at judo or BJJ. After all of the warmups, the drills, the cool downs, the games, the talking, and things that you do in which you are not really learning technique, you’re only really getting a MAXIMUM of 2 hours of work a week.

Even with the live randori and “rolling”, if you add it up, it’s not a lot of time. It’s good time but you need more time if you want to accelerate your learning curve.

So, here’s I will fix that for you.

I’m going to give you 8 hours!!

So I will literally speed up your learning curve by 30 Days!!!

I know that you get frustrated when you’ve practiced a technique and you know it but are super frustrated because you can’t pull it off in competition.

I also know that you have seen some of your classmates and teammates improve and pass you because they’ve been able to hang around the gym after practice and even pay for private lessons on a regular basis.



Deliberate Judo Practice Clinic Order Now

Well here’s what else I know.



What we know from research is that learning is enhanced in small group environments. And due to this fact we see and notice that people get an enormous amount of improvement from private lessons, but even this improvement can be supercharged and ramped up if many instructors knew the secret of how to implement and facilitate a learning environment of deliberate practice.

Before I get into Deliberate Practice I Want To Address Who This Seminar Is For:

This seminar is for the BJJ white belt who really wants to develop a great game of control and submissions. Who knows that becoming good at BJJ means that you understand the game of the gi and how to control, restrain, immobilize and submit.

This seminar is for the BJJ blue belt who is competing but getting “stuck.” You are overwhelmed with so many moves and options that sometimes you jump from move to move to move without really understanding when you are passing up a great opportunity. It is for the person who walks on the mat without a plan of specific action.

This seminar is for the BJJ purple belt who has an arsenal of submissions and moves but doesn’t have a pathway for which to access them. This seminar will not only show you how to use the omo plata and triangle, most importantly, you will see “the system” and then be able to apply it to all of the games that you use when rolling and competing.

This seminar is for the Judoka who wants to know exactly how to improve their newaza. Most judo instructors do not take the time to spend on newaza development like you need for them to in order to become proficient. This will end all of that. You will get the attention, the time, the details and the blueprint for technical implementation and drilling for success. You most certainly do have time to do matwork when you know what it is that you are doing. This seminar will give you the plan that you need in order to succeed.

This seminar is for BJJ and Judo instructors who want to learn a different way to teach, instruct, learn and provide information to their students.

What Is Deliberate Practice?

Deliberate practice is the type of training which is invoked where the focus is not on the repetitions but on how one does and performs the repetitions of a skill or movement. Deliberate practice is the training of a skill with much repetition and immediate expert coaching and feedback with feedback being the main component. Just think how good you can get at a move, a sequence or a set of movements if you did the moves, videotaped them and had someone on provide you with a critique and analysis on how you can fix the move?

Pretty darn good, huh?

Now just think if that person was in the room while you were doing the move and fixing it on the spot. IMMEDIATELY your rate of improvement would increase due to the immediate feedback. See, this is not about short cutting anything. This is about putting in the work. And the fact of the matter is this….. Deliberate practice allows you to get good….. and good at an ACCELERATED RATE!

Now here are A FEW things that you should know about Deliberate Practice:

1. DELIBERATE PRACTICE IS VERY BORING….. but all professional athletes do it and there’s no way to become a true expert without it.

2. DELIBERATE PRACTICE IS MORE MENTALLY TAXING THAN PHYSICALLY TAXING…. but all professional athletes do it and there’s no way to become a true expert without it

3. YOU CANNOT PRACTICE DELIBERATELY BY YOURSELF. Deliberate Practice requires correct and cannot be done without a coach who is skilled in the method!


Think of deliberate practice as the whetting stone that sharpens “your knife” (skill).

When have you ever heard somebody say that a knife is too sharp?


Now understand this… you can take a dull knife and really do some damage, but it just takes too much effort. Take that time and sharpen your knife and you can do things with a lot less effort. I want to help your technique look, seem and feel effortless. And also aid you on the path of becoming an expert in your art and field. And I want to give you the time and attention that you so desperately need in order to improve.

Join me and lets use the model of Deliberate Practice to download this technique into your brain cells and your muscles so that you can do it on demand. Learn and see how the World Class, top notch BJJ and Judo athletes in the world train to get better and improve.

Sooooooo… Dr. Ferguson. How Much Is It?

Well, it doesn’t cost anything, but there is a small investment by you and a MAJOR investment by me. I truly don’t want or need to “sell you on this”. But my private lessons are $500.00 an hour. I need not tell you that a 8 hour semi private would require a payment of $4,000.00 and that this 8 hour experience would cost $8000.00. So, lets not kid ourselves here. This is a quality experience and I promise you that I will over deliver because that is what I do. So…..Here’s the deal.

*** Deliberate Practice Information ***

Who is this for?: Judoka and BJJ Practitioners from All Levels And for ages 12 and up. If you are under 18, your parent must be present during the entire training.

Technical Sequence / Topic to be covered:

  • The Clock Choke
  • Setups from The back, from the turtle position and from the takedown
  • Transitioning into the chokc from the throw/takedown
  • Clock Choke Trouble Shooting
  • How To Get “Unstuck” When You Are Stuck In The Clock Choke Progression
  • The Stuff That Is NOT On Youtube for free. LOL!! 🙂
  • How To Escape The Clock Choke
  • Clock Choke transitions
  • The secrets to making the clock choke system work

Date(s): September 30th 2017| Time: from 10:00am to 6:00pm. There is a 60 minute break for lunch. WATER and snacks will be provided.

How many persons: 10 People total Meaning, for each session there will be 5 people accepted and each of the 5 are allowed to bring a training partner. Your training partner may be utilized by other individuals as well. The BENEFIT of having a training partner come with you is that you may utilize them when you return home to practice your techniques and you can bring someone with you for free who can experience a wonderful training experience. And if you need to, you can split the cost in half with your friend 😉

Investment Options: $697.00 $497.00 $297

Option 1: You can pay $297 Here:

Deliberate Judo Practice Clinic Order NowOption 2: Or you can pay $60 now and then 4 more payments of $60 in monthly installment here:

Deliberate Judo Practice Clinic Order Now

Location: Tampa Florida Judo Bonus Information: YOU MAY BRING A GUEST FOR FREE!!!!! (or you can pay half and have your guest pay half ‘wink-wink’)

Tampa Florida Judo
10134 Fisher Avenue – A2
Tampa, FL 33619