The life and times of a coach, sensei and teacher are really hectic.  There’s the martial arts school to run. There are private lessons to teach. There’s the coddling of new students. The development of the competitors. And then there’s the travel, the speaking, the writing, the books, the marketing and real life that gets thrown in there some where.

The weekend before last I attended a judo tournament with the Tampa Florida Judo team and this past weekend we had a training camp. The tournament was in Naples, FL (a 3 hour drive) and the training camp in Orlando (a 2 hour drive). And this Friday I am in Fort Lauderdale to watch my friend Jeff Monson compete and to hang out at the fights with my dad and Rashad Evans.

And that is how I will spend my birthday LOL. And then I will hop on a plane for my son’s birthday party on the 4th and then celebrate my wife’s birthday on the 8th of April.

Hectic schedule!!

So….. as I was returning from the training camp in Orlando, my phone rings and I see that its Ronda’s mom, so I answer because when she calls…. I always answer.  She’s been a professional mentor for me over the past few years and her advice and words are weighty and valuable.

So, Dr. De Mars says, “So Dr. Ferguson, why haven’t these other girls in MMA contacted you to teach them Judo yet?”

It kind of threw me off guard so I said, “Pardon me?”

Then she went all the way in, “I said, why haven’t these girls in MMA contacted you on how to do judo for MMA yet. I mean, they are never gonna beat Ronda at Judo but they can learn and become more effective.  If you learn it properly it’s more effective than wrestling.”

That’s when I told her, “Well, your daughter Ronda costs me money!”

This is when I mentioned that none of the 135ers in Ronda’s division will ask me because they know that I’m cool with Ronda.  And then Dr. De Mars replied, “But what about the 125, 115 and 145ers. I’m sure they could use the help too.”

I told Doc, “Hell, I don’t know.  Rashad Evans uses me. Mo Lawal uses me. Thiago Alves has utilized my services. Ovince St. Preax has, Bobby Lashley, Brian Rogers and countless others, but……. everyone just wrestles. Hell, you don’t have to learn judo, you just need to learn how to stop it or limit it as much as possible but, that’s not my issue.”

Then we talked about
the champ for a moment

I asked her how Ronda was doing and she said that she had to be in Northern California but couldn’t tell her why. We learned later, why she didn’t say anything as she had the Wrestlemania 31 moment of the night with The Rock.  (That was pretty freaking awesome).

We talked about Ronda’s schedule and I told her that I still wanted all of us to catch up and sit down for dinner.  And that is when Dr. De Mars told me that we can catch up in a week or two when she’ll be in Tampa.  I will see if she’ll stop by the judo club.

She also asks me, “Do you know anybody who wants an autographed photo of Ronda?”

I said, “Hell, I’m sure that I do.”

And that’s when she told me about the new math game that she is doing with her company and how people who donate a certain amount can get an autographed picture of The Champ. She also said, “Look, it’s a great cause because unlike some of the other video games out there, this game makes you smarter!”  🙂

To support Doc’s game go HERE

What Else Is New?

Well, the school has really been doing well and I’ve added more classes at Tampa Florida Judo. We have a Fundamentals class from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and an Advanced Class from 6:30 pm to 7:30pm. And then we have Boxing from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

Things are going great and we are having an awesome time.

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures on our Facebook page of the training camp and from the tournament.

Take care.
Dedicated to your improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
Head Coach – Tampa Florida Judo