Get 30 Days Of Free Training – The premiere judo dojo in the Tampa, Florida area and home of Head Judo Coach, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson is 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion, an Undefeated MMA Fighter (Strikeforce Veteran), a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt, and was voted as one of the top 100 Coaches in MMA by UFC Magazine

Brief Bio of Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
* Asst. Coach of 2009 U.S. Grappling Team at World Championships (Team won 1st Place in the men’s and women’s side in both Gi and No Gi)
* Head Coach 2009 Judo World Championships (Bahamas)
* Head Coach 2009 Cadet Judo World Championships (Bahamas)
* Coached 2x Judo Olympian Taraje Williams-Murray
* Coached 2008 Judo Olympian Valerie Gotay
* Coached 2010 Youth Judo Olympian Cynthia Rahming
* Served as Head Judo Coach For Bahamas Judo Federation (2009-present)
* Technical Consult for Bahamas Judo Federation
* Competed Internationally in Judo from 1998-2005
* 2004 Judo Olympian
* Pan American Championships Medalist in Both Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu
* 2nd Place at Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships (2001)

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