The Gerbi Choke

At this year’s International Judo Federation World Championships we all got a much welcomed newaza treat from Israel’s Yarden Gerbi.

She displayed a choke that has been done in the Brazilian Jiujitsu community for some time and is known as the peruvian necktie. She used a gi version of the peruvian necktie.

The appropriate name of the choke in the world of judo is Suso-Jime, but the problem is that this is actually a modified form of Suso-Jime so it would literally be called Kuzure Suso-Jime, which is doggone near impossible to find. But no so much so if you look for the

Gerbi Choke

If you’d like to learn the gerbi choke, here’s what we can do.

  1. I’m going to provide you with a great online version of the Gerbi choke in terms of someone doing it.
  2. I’m going to provide you with a quick and dirty explanation of the Gerbi Choke by me.
  3. And then I’m going to provide you with a choke that is similar but not the same, which I’m sure you’d like to put in your repertoire as you build on your Gerbi choke which is the Canto Choke. LOL! I love how Judo is becoming like BJJ and BJJ like judo. Judo is starting to give the name of the move to the person that did the move. Ha!!

First things First:




Please enjoy.

I hope you all get a better feel for the Gerbi choke, how to do it and how to finish it.

Take care and keep training.

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