Here are a couple of unedited pages from my new upcoming book and project “Scissor Sweep Secrets”

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it.


For those who are asking, “How do I get the most value from Scissor Sweep Secrets?”  Here is my answer.

First and foremost, adopt a “beginners mind.” I tell people often that everything that I needed to know as a BJJ practitioner, I learned as a white belt.

How to move on the mat
How to stay loose but tight
How to remember that the shrimp movement is the most important move in BJJ
The importance of drilling
How to move on your terms only
And so much more….

These are the things that we all learned as white belts. As we advanced in ranking, we began to do things like:

Start showing up to class late

Skipping out on the warm ups

Halfway do the drills because we just want to roll

Start mixing up gi and no gi moves without really perfecting anything

Rejecting new moves which do not “fit into my game”

Wanting to try the newest and latest and greatest technique because that’s what the best guy in the world is using now

We actually become better, but become worse at the same time

We just don’t realize how bad we’ve become until we hit the black belt level. This is the point where we become so analytical about what it is that we do NOT know and then we get super introspective  and actually develop the mindset of a white belt. We realize that this in necessary in order to go back and pick up all the things that we missed while trying to become experts.

In this process we forgot the philosophical approach of Occam’s Razor which can be succinctly stated as, the simplest approach to solving a problem or issue is generally better than more complex solutions or approaches and has the greater tendency of being correct and/or applicable.

The Scissor Sweep, works for everybody. It’s not a move that was taught to you that only works for lightweights and not heavyweights. Its not a move that works for tall people and not short ones. It doesn’t depend on how long your legs are or your anthropometric limitations or blessings.

The Scissor Sweep, works for everybody, BUT……. You learned it and discarded it. You don’t practice it as much as you’ve practiced everything else or the moves that you like, more often than not.  You really don’t understand that within the scissor sweep are some of the most important moves and lessons in the sport and art of jiujitsu. You also have looked past Occam’s Razor.


Well, if you want to dominate with top position and move from the top to the bottom, then the best way to do it, is the SIMPLEST way.   And BJJ is supposed to be simple. It’s supposed to be easy.  The complexity exists in the minutiae of the simple moves.

So with that being said, you can get maximum value from Scissor Sweep Secrets by doing the following:

  • Adopt The White Belt Mindset
    • Bruce is quoted as saying that “the value of a cup is in its emptiness.”  Become empty so that you can then, become full
  • Do Not Discard The Advice Of Taking Notes And Doing ALL The Repetitions – not just the physical ones on the mat
    • The most important skill that I see, even the best in the world disregard, is that of note taking, practice diary writing and creating a personal feedback mechanism or system for improvement
  • Make A Commitment To Fully Immerse Yourself In The Scissor Sweep For 7, 21, 30, 45, 60, or 90 Days
    • Commit to practicing the move. If 30 days, it too much. Do 7 days. Take notes, fully commit for 7 and look at your notes and feedback. Review your repetition charts, pay attention to what you’ve done and assess the improvement. (personally I’m 7 months in on a 12 month Scissor Sweep Diet right now)
  • Find A Training Partner Who Is Committed To Working With You
    • Get a buddy and partner with them. If you pay attention to this program, you will also see that your buddy does NOT need to practice with you in order to work with you. Remember, there are many ways to do the reps.
  • Make A Practice Schedule That You Can Keep Where
    • Block out your time. Schedule it and set reminders and alarms. Get it done.
  • Do NOTHING Except For The Scissor Sweep
    • Practice reductionism. Make “your game” so simple that your practice partners know that you are only doing one move. This allows you to “use” them in order to get better. They will know that you are only doing one move and will fight for their lives to not allow you to do it which will allow you to perfect, the primary, secondary and tertiary approaches to making the scissor sweep work
  • Get A Notebook And Take Notes. Take Notes, Take Notes, Take Notes
    • Get a notebook!

      It is so surprising to see how many students go to “class” and do not have a notebook. Please STOP doing this. You are not getting maximum value for your money.

  • Learn The Steps So Well That They Can Be Recited With Little To No Trouble
    • Either you know it or you don’t. Make sure you know it.
  • Learn The Coaching Cues So Well That They Can Be Recited With Little To No Trouble
    • Either you know it or you don’t. Once again, make sure you know it.
  • Read the books Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, Bounce by Matt Syed, Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
    • You can improve by becoming a student, a disciple.  Study. Read. Take notes. Accept the complexities of keeping things simple. Allow this text to propel you towards such things
  • Understand That Becoming Good At The Scissor Sweep Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With The Scissor Sweep 🙂
    • Once you realize this you can become good at anything. As Marcus Aurelius said, “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
      Do the reps, get bored, stay focused and find out how this impacts your WHOLE game.
  • Use Scissor Sweep Secrets To Become Extraordinary

Get maximum value out of Scissor Sweep Secrets by following the program and doing the repetitions. The advice here is golden and test-proven.  All you have to do is follow a system that has been backed by the research based in and on Deliberate Practice and vetted through the theories of reductionism and lex parsimoniae.


Thanks for reading a portion of my new book that goes with my Scissor Sweep Secrets video project. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
Tampa Florida Judo
Scissor Sweep Secrets