Super frustrated.

But, this is the norm. 🙂

I have been working tirelessly since November of 2014 on my new Grip Fighting Coaching Education Program. I’ve been working on the content and the deliverability.

Content Improvement

In terms of the content, I wanted to do more than just show videos because people have questions.  I wanted to make a way for me to communicate with those in the program so that I could answer questions as they arise, or at least address them and add them to the videos which are in the program in order to increase to the current vault of knowledge.

I also wanted to provide a deeper and richer explanation to the current videos that are already in the program so that a person who has invested in the previous versions of Underground Grip Fighting Secrets 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 can experience and new level of increased value and learning.   Therefore, I have (or am still in the process of……..) ahem….. I have added and am still adding descriptions to all of the video lesson and putting introductory videos with the lessons in order to explain to the student in the program exactly what they should pay attention to and what not to miss.

Because sometimes there are often times when there is something that is extremely important which has a great sense of meaning in later lessons and learning opportunities which  a student may not see as valuable right now.  For example, just something as simple as teaching a 4, 5, or 6 year old to grab the sleeve first and then the lapel, is a crucial piece of information and really important when it comes to teaching gripping and kumi kata.

I do not allow my 5 year old daughter to began any tachiwaza technique without putting her hands on the gi in the correct order.  This small thing does not seem important but it is. Especially if you are learning and teaching judo based upon a grip fighting system and not just learning a bunch of throws.  Throwing is great. Knowing how to get to the point where you can throw someone, who is good, who does not want to be thrown, is even better.

In terms of the  content, I am also creating more “courses” and powerpoint presentations so that not only the players, but also, COACHES and parents get a great understanding about grip fighting and how it applies in the context of judo as well as sambo, brazilian jiujitsu and other gi based disciplines.   I want parents, players and coaches to understand the sport and the art better. I also want parents to be able to go to practice and know what they are watching and to see what is being taught and what is not being taught.  Not in order to complain but in order to see that the learning of any art is a collaborative one.  One coach is not enough. It’s not possible. Just as in class or in the school environment, you need tutors and extra curricula enrichment opportunities, the same applies with the martial arts.  Getting some quality coaching online in a semi-interactive format is more than helpful.

I know for a fact that in the United States, there is a thirst for more quality coaching education information. That’s not to say that what is available now is not good. It is. What I am saying is that there is a thirst for more quality education. The rate at which people want information and are able to consume it is much faster than before and with that knowledge, I have become increasingly more stressed 🙂  with trying to get this grip fighting coaching education program done, make sure it is of high quality and making sure the deliverability of it is sound.


I can honestly say that I’ve probably produced more books, DVDs, push-and-play products, online series, books and informational products than any high level coach in the United States and probably in the Americas. If I’m not number one in that category, I’m damn sure in the top 5.  The reason why  I say this is because, I’ve been in the business of coaching people around the world for some time now.  My customer base spans across the globe and I have been really blessed to service many people, not just those inside of my dojo.

With that being said, I was really challenged with which platform to use in order to issue the Grip Fighting Coaching Education Program.  As a former student of Capella University’s Doctoral Program, I looked at the platforms of WebCt, Blackboard, Moodle,  Coursites, Udemy, Coursera, and a few other formats.

I also looked at the coaching programs of some of the people that I follow and learn from in the information marketing business like Jeff Walker and many others and I looked at Rainmaker, Woocommerce, OptimizePress and also Kajabi.

I used Kajabi before with some success and it was fairly easy for my users but at $297 / month and sometimes $497 / month it created a price point for YOU that I just do not want on this go around.

I really do work hard and I also believe in what the Bible says when it reads in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 that a man that does not work should not eat.

I believe in working. I’ve worked super hard during my career and am still doing so. I am now working in order to create and staple down my legacy as one of the best educators in sport and martial art of judo. That is my dream. That is my desire. That’s what I’ve shared with my wife and what I would like to accomplish. I strive to do this daily even in the face of admonishment and pray that I do not get weary in my well doing.

This process of finding the right platform for deliverability has been tough. I had to find something that would work for the 18 year old and the 68 year old.

I had to find a platform that would be robust enough to handle thousands of customers and also one that would be secure.

I had to find a platform that support web and handheld devices and allowed the information to be displayed in both areas and on different platforms such as IOS and Android device.

I finally locked down platform that is also used by a quality friend and fellow Mastermind Member Coach Be Moore.   He has a program called Eating For Abs that utilizes a quality platform and that is the one that I will use.

I wanted to utilize a platform that would allow me to require an investment for entry which everybody could afford.  I’m not sure how much it will be per month, but I do know that it will be at a price point that will be ridiculously low and will require a while for me to get a return on my investment per my time and resources 🙂   But….. this program is different. I want to educated the world. I want to provide people with the opportunities that I did not have and that many do not have.  Most coaches don’t have access to this information and not every player can travel all the way around the world or from dojo to dojo to put the pieces together, so I going to do it for you.

And I can tell you right now that the price of entry for this program will be $7.   That’s it. To start it, to try it, to experience, to test it, to see if you want it and to be a part of it — $7.00

And you have my word on that!!   I’m not sure what it will be monthly but 7 bucks for the first 30 days is what I promise.  That’s less than a #2 at Wendy’s or McDonalds  🙂


That’s it for today.

I will fill you in on what’s going on a few times a week.

Heck, I need somewhere to vent because this stuff gets a little bit overwhelming.

Take care and have a great day.

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
2004 Olympian
Your Virtual Judo Coach
Tampa Florida Judo – Head Sensei