Ronda Rousey

Can Anybody Beat Ronda Rousey

Can Anyone Beat Ronda Rousey?

In the world of sports there is always a figure, a person, a team, a horse, a car, a driver, or a fighter that seems unbeatable. We have experienced our eras with Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, the 1972 Miami Dolphins, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Tiger Woods, Alexander Karelin and now Jon Jones, Ben Henderson and the always controversial and media sweetheart, 2-Time Judo Olympian — Ronda Rousey.


As someone who has practiced with Ronda Rousey, trained with her, watched her train and knows of her as best I can know of someone without knowing her because she and I are admittedly “cool” but not close. And that’s not a knock on our relationship, that’s just me writing here with FULL DISCLOSURE so you don’t think that Ronda and I are text buddies and we talk on the phone every other day. We are friendly and I like many of you fit in the fan category. But I’ve been a fan of hers, unlike many of you, since she was 16 and before she was famous and I have TOLD HER THAT. Now, I’m tight with her mom, and she and I are “cooooooooool peoples.”

I wanted to get that out of the way before I went any further as I usually do when I write anything about Ronda because, when I write, I am ADMITTEDLY biased. I’m a judoka, Ronda is a judoka. I’m an Olympian, Ronda is an Olympian. And I’ve trained to the brink of death and I know that she has also. And we have seen hard core MMA training and while although hard……..ehhhh, it ain’t the same as the Olympic level. In MMA you can take breaks. Take weeks off. Judo is not like that because the EVENT OF YOUR LIFE, is usually 4 years away or less, and you have to maximize the days.

With all that being said……

How can one beat Ronda Rousey?

I’ve heard the following:


To that I say, “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” And almost fall out of my chair with laughter. Look by default, Ronda Rousey’s BJJ is at a world class level. From what she has done as a world class judoka with superb newaza skills. Does that mean she will win the BJJ World Championships in the Black Belt Division. Probably not. But does she have to in order to be considered world class? No!

Here’s what many people forget.

You CANNOT just be a world class or world champion BJJ player to beat Ronda Rousey. Here’s what you need. You need the following:

1. World Class BJJ
2. To weigh 135 pounds
3. To be an MMA Fighter
4. To be a female
5. A UFC CONTRACT (which is the biggest hurdle of all!!!!)

So talking about Ronda’s BJJ skills or lack thereof is legitimate. As a matter of fact, my main man, David Camarillo brought up some INTERESTING points about Ronda Rousey’s MMA game and where she could most certainly improve. And HE IS THE MAN, no doubt about it, when it comes to developing a quality ground game for MMA. But what we are talking about here is some female, at 135 pounds having the wherewithal to beat Ronda Rousey on the ground.


The only women that could possibly do it is Sara McMann, but I believe that within a 25 minute fight, Sara WILL make an error and get caught too. Via armbar. She just doesn’t have the same amount of mat time in her technical bank account that Ronda Rousey has. PERIOD.

So, How Can One Beat Ronda Rousey?

I’ve also heard the following:

“(FILL IN THE BLANK) Will Knock Her *ss Out!”

To that I say….. maybe, but it’s highly unlikely.

As I said before, you NEED to be a HIGH LEVEL STRIKER and be 135lbs and have a UFC contract. I believe the only woman that could pull this off is Marlos Coenen, but she would have to survive the constant barrage of takedown attempts, clinch attempts and submission attempts. And TRUST ME when I tell you that Ronda Rousey’s pace will not slow down just because she goes deep into the rounds. Even if she gets tired and starts hyper-ventilating and can’t breathe, she WILL PRESS FORWARD and keep pushing like MOST OLYMPIANS and WORLD CLASS judoka do when they get tired. SHE DOES NOT STOP!! I have seen it for myself. It’s pretty sick!!

So knocking her out is always a possibility but the likelihood of that happening is low.

So, How Can One Beat Ronda Rousey?

In my opinion the best that you can do is come with a HUGE Muay Thai background and learn how to wrestle in order to avoid the clinch. Saying that you are going to beat Ronda on the ground is just not feasible. Although it could happen, it just isn’t feasible.

You have to develop great standup and that means boxing, muay thai, wrestling and JUDO!!!!


Not going to judo practice and fully throwing yourself into Judo like you do BJJ is a HUGE mistake. Developing the skills of Judo are just as important of developing the skills of wrestling. Ronda Rousey’s Judo experience provides a technical gap that is doggone near impossible to overcome unless someone comes to the table with WORLD CLASS wrestling skill. And the only one that has that available now is Sara McMann. The problem with that is that on the ground, the MMA development of both women is still low considering the evolution of the sport and a grappling match will ensue because every strike that you throw on the ground opens up an opportunity, and a grappling scramble, which is different than a wrestling scramble creates an advantage for Rousey. That’s not to say that McMann cannot win. Anybody can win, its just that Ronda still has a distinct advantage.


Judo is the true key and missing link to beating Ronda Rousey and to the development of many MMA fighters. You can see Jon Jones utilizing it and you can also see Rick Hawn utilizing it. You’ve seen Karo Parisyan dominate his division with it. You’ve also seen Ronda Rousey make it work in MMA and there are people out there who are super intelligent and smart like Rashad Evans who have asked judo practitioners like myself to come in and go over the clinch game, as I see it from a Judo perspective and to help as much as I can.

What you need to understand is that right now, Ronda is almost unbeatable. Can she be beaten? Yes. Will she lose soon? I don’t think so.

Remember, without Judo, there would be no MMA!! So make sure you go back to your roots to get your fruits!!!

======================= – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a recognized High Performance Enhancement Specialist centered in education, business and sport. Utilizing his proven background as an Olympian and lecturing motivator, Dr. Ferguson course corrects systems, modifies curriculum initiatives and constructs strategic framework toward improving performance and elevating desired outcomes. Dr. Ferguson has also fought for Strikeforce and has worked with many fighters such at UFC Standout Thiago Alves, Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, UWC Champion Mike Easton, Ultimate Fighter Coach Lew Polley, UFC/Pride/Stikeforce Veteran Jeff Monson, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans and Brandon Vera. He also serves at the Head Coach at Tampa Florida Judo in Tampa, Florida. He was also a teammate with 2004 and 2008 Olympian Ronda Rousey.