Why Is Tampa Florida Judo The Best Judo School In Tampa?


It’s commonplace for judo instructors to believe that their judo school is the best.

That they have the BEST judo training and that their philosophy on Judo instruction is better than some others.

HOWEVER!!! (and that’s a big however…)

However, very few of these judo coaches can produce any results for you.

And when I mean results based upon what they say that they provide.

By default, if you own a school, some of your students are going to go to college. Some will graduate from high school. Some with honors and some without honors. These are all facts. Some of it you will have had something to do with and some not. But when it comes to what they know and have learned and developed as a direct result from your Judo instruction or lack thereof, well….. that tells the story.

As a Judo instructor who has been the Head of country program and who was the FIRST and Only United States citizen to have a head judo coaching position Internationally I can tell you right now that not only have I aided in the production and training of Olympians in the United States, I’ve actually taken my training model and philosophical approach and trained the first Olympian ever in the sport of Judo in the Bahamas.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s not.

What is important is that all of the children that I taught not only improved in Judo but are now attending college. Some have graduated and all of them are EXCELLENT people. And they KNOW martial arts and know the sport and art of Judo. They understand what being a judo player and judoka means and they have excellent self-discipline, self-respect, manners and behavior.

THIS is important.

And this is what I am bringing to Tampa Florida Judo and Jiujitsu.

Quality Instruction. Quality Judo. Quality martial arts. A Quality Curriculum and a Quality track record in producing quality individuals and martial artist.

Why Tampa Florida Judo
Is The Best Judo School
In The Tampa Florida Area